May 28th 2016

After Party

From 4:00pm – 7:00pm will be a normal non-furry party. No fursuiting at this time. This part of the party will be a mix of family, co-workers, classmates, furry friends, and non-furry friends.Avi Graduate sm

Starting at 7:00pm the party will transition into a furry after-party.

General Info:

  • Fursuits are welcome and encouraged! We will have room to store your fursuits in my apartment during the regular party as well as changing space.
  • Some of the more adventurous guests may stay for an hour or so to take pics with fursuiters! (or to just drink/dance/party — just like a con)
  • There will be music, junk food, alcohol, etc. We will serve an additional round of food (probably pizza) later in the evening, probably around 10 or 11pm.
  • We will take a group picture! I’m expecting to have around 15 suiters — possibly more!
  • There will be games (probably a big cards against humanity game and maybe a few others). Also looking into DDR w/ a big projector screen.
  • The party is in a rented clubhouse room. It has couches, comfy chairs, a wet bar, a pool table, and a big screen TV. Plenty of room for 15-20 suiters to have fun!

Crash Space:

  • Many of you are driving/flying in from out of state. Also many will be drinking. As such I’ll be trying to provide crash space to as many people as possible:
    • I plan to put about 6-8 people in my apartment and rent hotel/motel rooms for the rest.
      • There are 2 motels and 3 hotels within 2 miles of my apartment so you won’t be far away if you’re in a rented hotel room. I’m going to make the arrangements as easy as possible.
    • Once I get a head count of how many people are attending I will make purchase hotel rooms for those that need them! (I’m probably going to put 5 people per room).


  • No drunk driving. If you’re drinking a bunch please plan to stay! I’m expecting most of you will stay over.
  • No drugs (that includes pot).
  • Don’t mess up the furniture or break things. The party is in a rented clubhouse room and it will be incredibly expensive if I have to pay for repairs.
  • Don’t be dumb.
  • Have fun! 😀